Search Engine Friendly verses SEO

In the vastness of website lingo, it’s not easy to know what all the website-specific terms mean and how they apply to a website owner or creator. One common term is “search engine friendly.” Another one is SEO (search engine optimization). They sound similar, but are they?

Search Engine Friendly Websites

The phrase “search engine friendly” and the acronym SEO mean two different things. It is important to understand the difference between these two terms when creating and maintaining a website for your organization or business. When a website is “search engine friendly,” it means that the website can be read by search engines and it is capable of being optimized for search engines. This is a good quality. If you’re getting a new website, you want to be sure search engines aren’t going to have problems.

However, if a website is only “search engine friendly” and the company building it does not specifically indicate search engine optimization or SEO is also being included, the website will not be optimized and probably not rank well in search engines.

It’s kind of like going to pet-friendly restaurant. They allow pets, but they’re not going to give you one.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many organizations have beautiful new search engine friendly websites built for them under the assumption that it will obtain high rankings on search engines, only to be disappointed when they learn SEO was not included.


In order to get good search ranking and be visible to internet searchers, not only must a website be search engine friendly but SEO services must also be performed on the website as well.

SEO services are usually very labor intensive. They typically include keyword research to determine the best keywords to target and on-page optimization where the content of the web pageis optimized to rank well for those keywords. They may also include link building, content creation, setting up local listings, search ranking reports, website monitoring and more. Because so much high-skilled work is involved, a website developer will never throw in SEO with website development at no extra cost.

Beware of DIY Websites

Some companies that provide do-it-yourself websites say they offer search engine friendly websites, but these DIY companies won’t go as far as SEO. In a way, a company or organization who uses a DIY website builder is kind of left hanging when it comes to making the website as visible as possible. What’s even scarier, some DIY companies don’t even offer the ability to make the websites search engine friendly at all, which means that the creative and attractive websites being built through that company don’t even have the option to be optimizable for search engines. The websites won’t rank high at all and won’t do for the companies or organizations what they need them to do.

When you partner with Skyway Web Design and Marketing, all of these shortfalls will be avoided. Our SEO will help your website rank high in search engines so you can connect with new customers and grow your business.